TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink

Shop TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink. Children Cars, Best Sellers, Kids Ride On Cars.

TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink

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TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink. Children Cars


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Kids Ride On Cars, TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink

Color: Pink
Material: PP
Product size: 48.8″(L) x 28″(W) x 19.7″ (H)
Windshield size: 18.5″(L) x 5″ (H)
Seat size: 14.6″(L) x 8.3″(W) x 9″ (H)
Net weight: 45.1 LBS
Battery: 12V 7AH (UL Certification)
Charger: 12V 1000MA(UL Certification)
Running speed: 1.2-3.7 mile /H
Using time: working for 1-2 hours, once charged for 8-12 hours 
Maximum loading: 66 LBS
Available ages: 3-6 Years old

Package includes:
1 X Kids ride on car
1 X Charger
1 X 2.4G Remote control
1 X Instruction manualPerfect Gift for Your Lovely Kids: This fantastic electric car is an ideal present for kids from 3-6 years old with a weight capacity of 66 LBS. The forward and reverse functions and three speeds for adjustment, children will gain more autonomy and entertainment during playing. Double comfortable seats offer double happiness, making the childhood unforgettable.
Complete Function and Realistic Experience: This electric car features realistic design with 2 imitative rear-vision mirror, double lockable doors, dashboard, steering wheel, key and adjustable safe belt. Equipped with MP3, radio, music, USB/TF interface, LED headlight, electric quantity display and bluetooth, it provides an enjoyable environment for your lovely kids when playing.
Two Driving Modes: 1. Self drive mode: Children can drive the car manually by using the pedal and steering wheel. 2. Parental remote control mode: Parent can control the car with the provided 2.4G Hz remote controller.
Sance: Parental remote control and five-point adjustable seat belt offer double safety for yoecurity Assurur kids. The soft start function prevents children from being frightened by sudden acceleration or braking. And the rear shock absorber system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.
Easy Assembly and Ccrry: The assembly of the car was super easy according to the detailed instructions. With the portable handle and 2 small wheels at the back, it is easy to carry.

Shop TOBBI Kids 12 V Licensed Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car Racing with Remote Control RC, Pink

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