Huffy 16″ Disney/Pixar Toy Story Boys Bike, Handlebar Bin, Lime Green

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Huffy 16″ Disney/Pixar Toy Story Boys Bike, Handlebar Bin, Lime Green. Toy Cars Story


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Battery Car For Child, Huffy 16″ Disney/Pixar Toy Story Boys Bike, Handlebar Bin, Lime Green

Up up and away! Neon Buzz Lightyear graphics make this 16 inch Toy Story bike a rave of excitement for little riders. Take favorite toys and packable snacks along in the easy to clean, plastic handlebar bin. Our limited lifetime frame provides peace of mind – see our owner’s manual for more details.SIZING – This bike is ideal for kids ages 4 to 6 years old with a recommended height of 3’5″ to 4’0″
TRAINING WHEELS – Wide training wheels and an easy-to-use rear coaster/ front handbrake combo is ideal for beginning riders; Training wheels are removable, once your child gains confidence riding – they detach with ease
COOL GRAPHICS – Bright Graphics of Buzz Lightyear preparing for takeoff decorate the kid-sized frame
AWESOME FEATURES – Enter another universe without leaving snacks and toys behind; the handlebar bin is roomy and easy to clean
FRAME – The durable steel frame is protected by a Limited Lifetime Frame; plus, the enclosed chainguard prevents ankles from catching

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