Hot Wheels Race Crate

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Hot Wheels Race Crate

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Hot Wheels Race Crate. Electric Train Sets Walmart


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Hot Wheels Race Crate

Hot Wheels Race Crate is the ultimate racing and stunt building set in one! Combines multiple ways to play with 3 exciting and unique races. Kids can race, loop and challenge friends when they transform this super-cool crate into 3 different challenges that include the Gravity Drop, Mega Jump and Drag Race! Ignite their imagination with the pop-out raceway, 8+ feet of track and different challenges they can experience using the fair start gate, 2-lane loop, finish gate and 2 double slam launchers. Each crate includes a Builder’s Guide. Some younger racers may require help from parents to transform the challenges. All the accessories included can be used in other sets with setup instructions and labels for storage, set-up and breakdown. Fold the crate up and place all the parts inside for easy portability and storage. Includes 2 Hot Wheels cars. Ages 6-10 years old.

The Hot Wheels Race Crate includes 3 massive stunts in one set!
Family fun is a side effect when parents help young racers assemble and re-configure stunts.
Super-cool crate includes all the components for the Gravity Drop, Mega Jump and Drag Race.
Rev their creativity on multiple levels with building, problem solving, thrilling racing and stunting!
Fold the crate up and place all the parts inside for easy portability with a carry handle.

Hot Wheels Race Crate

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