Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift

Browse Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift. Toys Car, Best Sellers, Toy Cars For Sale.

Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift

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Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift. Toys Car


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Electric Cars For Kids Age 10 And Up, Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift

As parents we understand the importance of safe toys for our children and there are no compromises when it comes to their safety.

However, it is not so easy to trace toys made from reliable materials that will last for a long time and do not cost a fortune.

We are here to provide you with the best solution that will cover your and your child’s needs!

Introducing The Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift By CifToys!

This play set is created with premium materials in order to provide you with trustworthy toys, safe for your kids and without small parts or toxic chemicals.

Suitable for boys, baby toddlers and girls up to 18 months old, this construction vehicles toys car set will offer lasting fun and happy moments for your kid.

Everything Included In This Toy Car Play set

Our vehicle toy set is fully equipped with an up and down moving arm bulldozer, a farm tractor with a carriage wagon, a dump truck with a rotating hopper and a cement truck with a moving mixer.

Designed To Impress Your Kids

This sturdy vehicles play set features 4 colorful vehicles with friction movement mechanism that triggers their curiosity and keeps them focused on their toy for hours.

Toys With Benefits

With this construction vehicle set your kids will be able to enhance hand-eye coordination and learn to identify different colors and vehicle types.

Product Features:

Multicolored vehicles

Friction movement

Non-toxic plastic

1 sand truck

1 bulldozer

1 cement mixer truck

1 farm tractor

Place Your Order Without Hesitations While Supplies Last!

100% SECURE TOY SET:You can rest assured that this CifToys Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Car construction vehicles play set is crafted with kids-safe plastic to provide you with a reliable toy car that does not contain any small parts or harmful chemical substances that could endanger a child’s health. Best gift toys for 3 year old boys and girls.
FULLY EQUIPPED FOR MAJOR FUN:This amazing construction vehicles set includes a bulldozer with a moving arm, a farm tractor with a detachable carriage wagon and an opening rear door, a dump truck with a rotating car hopper and a cement truck with a rotating and moving mixer. Everything they need for extra fun and basic mechanical knowledge!
DESIGNED TO TRIGGER YOUR KID’S EXCITEMENT:This friction powered cars push and go car construction vehicles toys set of 4 boys baby toddlers kids gift is approved for toddlers 18 months old and up and is created for lasting use and imaginative playing. These friction powered construction vehicles feature a friction movement mechanism and multicolored parts that will impress any child, baby toddler and are suitable for boys and girls!
BENEFICIAL TOYS FOR THEIR GROWTH:Let your child enjoy playful moments while learning new things at the same time. With this play set, kids can exercise hand-eye coordination, plus, learn and recognize different colors and vehicle types. Moreover, you can easily store these toys or take them with you for outdoor fun with your little ones!
ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND:Committed to providing you with top-end toys we, at CifToys are backing our products with a full money back guarantee in order to provide you with a risk-free choice, plus, we are at your service regarding any issues that may come up regarding your purchase.

2019 Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift

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Toys Car 2019 Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Toys Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set of 4 Tractor, Cement Mixer, Bulldozer & Dump Truck for Boys Baby Toddlers Kids Gift. Toy Cars Baby