Find Airfix D-Day Air Assault 1:72 WWII Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set A50157A, Multi

Check Airfix D-Day Air Assault 1:72 WWII Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set A50157A, Multi. Target Toy Trucks, Best Sellers, Toy Trucks With Trailers.

Airfix D-Day Air Assault 1:72 WWII Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set A50157A, Multi

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Airfix D-Day Air Assault 1:72 WWII Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set A50157A, Multi. Target Toy Trucks


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On the eve of June the 6th 1944, the vast majority of mainland Europe was either under the control of Hitler’s Nazi regime, or heavily influenced by it. Only Britain stood free in Europe and openly opposed the fascist regime then seeking to control the world. Supported by the United States and Canada, as well as troops from the then occupied nations, the 6th of June marked the Western Allies return to France after the humiliation of the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940. The invasion required the Allies to hold total air superiority over the Normandy landing grounds. The lead up to the day had seen thousands of sorties carried out by Allied aircraft. From heavy bombers relentlessly pounding targets of strategic important in France, to fighter bombers such as the Hawker Typhoon that attacked enemy troop formations and smaller targets – the Allied air assault was total. Due to the distance from Normandy to the UK, once the Allied had a foothold on the French coast, small temporary airfields were immediately established which gave the Allies the opportunity to fly more sorties and to be closer to the action. Some of these airfields were so close to the frontline they suffered mortar attacks. These airfields were to prove their worth, and with the help of Allied airpower, Hitler’s armies were pushed further and further back, culminating in the defeat of Nazi Germany just eleven months later.

Airfix is the oldest UK manufacturer of scale model plastic kits and has been producing kits for the mass market since 1952. Airfix produce a wide range of kits aimed at all types of scale modelers with subjects such as; military aircraft, ships, cars, dioramas and military vehicles.
D-Day Air Assault includes BSA Motorcycle 500cc, Standard Light Utility Vehicle, Bedford MWC (Water Carrier) or MWD (Light Truck), Hawker Typhoon Ib, RAF Personnel and Airfield Diorama Base.
Skill Level: 2. Dimensions of Completed Kit: Length 340mm x Width 240mm. Number of Pieces: 178.
Large Starter Gift Sets are perfect one-stop-shop gifts for your modeler friends or to build yourself once you have mastered the basics.
All paints, glue and brushes are included to complete the kit. Additional paints may be required to complete models to a higher specification.

Check Airfix D-Day Air Assault 1:72 WWII Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set A50157A, Multi

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