Aosom 12V GMC Sierra HD Battery Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control, Bright Headlights, & Working Suspension, Red

Browse Aosom 12V GMC Sierra HD Battery Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control, Bright Headlights, & Working Suspension, Red. Kids Cars, Best Sellers, Toy Cars Lot.

Aosom 12V GMC Sierra HD Battery Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control, Bright Headlights, & Working Suspension, Red

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Aosom 12V GMC Sierra HD Battery Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control, Bright Headlights, & Working Suspension, Red. Kids Cars


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Aosom has become a standard for cycling enthusiasts, people planning outdoor events as well as for those who generally like bringing a little adventure into their lives. Take a look at our products when you are thinking of expanding the possibilities for daily recreation and enjoyment.

Let your children live their dreams of owning and driving a real car with this ride on toy from Aosom! With a realistic look, streamlined design, bright from headlights, light-up dashboard gauges, and a realistic steering wheel, the ride on car will feel just like the real thing. The kids car is easy to control, with a responsive steering wheel and a ramp-up driving speed to give your young ones plenty of time to learn the ropes.

Realistic look, horn, music, bright headlights, streamlined design, and 2 openable car doors

Extra-wide tires, seat belt, and dampening rear wheel design for safe and smooth driving

2 drive modes, manual, and remote control

Starts smooth driving at low speed, which allows your child to timely respond to unexpected situations

2.4G one-to-one remote, used to control the car as well as the controls inside the vehicle

One button push to start

Rear-wheel suspension provides better stability

Pre-installed music and multi-media center plus USB input, mp3 cord plug-ins, radio function




PP, Steel

Overall Dimension

53″ L x 33.75″ W x 29.25″ H

Seat Size

20″ L x 7.75″ W x 11.5″ H


1.8 – 3.25 mph

Weight Capacity

88 lbs.


12V 10AH x 1


45W x 2


12V, 1000Ma

Recommended Ages

3-8 years old



Run Time

45 mins (depending on the type of use)

First charging

8-12 hours

Regular charging

8-12 hours


always monitor your child while they are riding.










Made of 100% safe materiel with smooth surface, takes good care of your baby’s health. Gives both of you and your kids a reassuring experience.


Helps your children experiencing different identities, cultivates their worldview, and gives them a richer life.

Parent-children Interaction

Gives you more opportunities to accompany your children and enhances the relationship between you and your kids.

Parent-children Interaction

A variety of colors can well arouse your children’s interests, helpful for them staying and playing longer.

LICENSED SIERRA HD: This ride-on toy has a realistic look, with super cool working headlights, illuminated dashboard gauges, and a realistic steering wheel. Plus, kids can control the ride on car at a speed between 1.8 – 3.25 MPH.
MAXIMUM SAFETY: This kids car toy has a smooth and comfortable drive with extra-wide tires, seat belts, lockable doors, and a wheel suspension design for maximum safety while your child is riding. Plus, the car starts at low speed and ramps up so your child can avoid obstacles.
CHILD DRIVEN OR REMOTE CONTROL: A child can drive the electric car, controlling the steering and 2-speed settings like an actual vehicle. Or take control of the toy with the included remote control to securely guide it while the young one enjoys a hands-free experience.
ENDLESS FUN: Kids can enjoy music while riding in the kid’s ride-on toy with pre-installed music, or they can jam to their tunes through USB, radio, MP3 plug-ins. Plus, The back trunk of the car contains hidden storage space, which is convenient for storing children’s items when going out to play.
TOUGH STYLE & QUALITY MATERIALS: Our ride-on car combines metal and PP that provides tons of durability. The wear-resistant polypropylene tires will not leak or burst, eliminating the hassle of inflating.

2019 Aosom 12V GMC Sierra HD Battery Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control, Bright Headlights, & Working Suspension, Red

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Kids constantly like to mimic grownups. Whether it is a great practice or a negative habit, kids will certainly just comply with the elders. This way, when children see their moms and dads driving, they as well want to drive. With the manufacturing of trip on automobiles this fascination of the children became a reality. In the starting trip on autos were high valued as well as a few of the trip on autos were as expensive as acquiring an actual motor-cycle. Now, with the business manufacturing of ride on cars by numerous kid toy firms it had come to be affordable to most moms and dads. A flight on cars and truck is taken into consideration not an average children toy. In the opinion of most people, a flight on cars and truck is an educational kid toy which educates a kid the standard points of regulating as well as maneuvering a cars and truck just as a seniors would certainly do.

Ride on cars and trucks come in several types.

The earliest type of ride on vehicles was hands-on peddling. The initial manufacturing was wood ride on automobiles for children under 5 years of age. These wooden ride-on cars for kids were hefty as well as cumbersome. This was complied with by trip on mini cars that were made out of steel. These ride-on mini vehicles constructed from steel was dangerous as the steel rusted as well as children obtained bruised by the sharper sides. Now, with the intro of electrical powered flight on automobiles constructed of fiber or plastic it has actually offered this children toy a lot of refinement. The electric-powered trip on cars made by toy companies are replicas of big autos. They have different controls that enable the youngster to discover how to regulate the electric flight on autos intelligently. Kids additionally use it carefully so as not to knock them to damage the electrical powered trip on cars and trucks. When children ride on cars they observe very carefully just what the seniors does so that he or she could be able to follow that in their own ride on electric automobiles toys.

A few of the attributes of the electrical powered flight on cars consist of trips at rates ranging from 3 to 6 kilometers per hour with a tons capability up to forty kilograms. This suggests a youngster as much as the age of twelve could use an electric trip on auto. The motor of an electrical trip on cars and truck is 18 Watts with a rechargeable battery of six volts. It weights around twenty to twenty five Kgs.

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The most current electric children ride on vehicle presented to the marketplace is the 1:4 scale Benz. It has onward, backward, right as well as left turn features. It has a twelve volts rechargeable battery and resembles the original Benz vehicle in all information.

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