Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey)

Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey). Giant Teddy Bear, Best Sellers, Hottest New Dolls and Top Girls Toys.

Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50

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Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey). Giant Teddy Bear


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Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey)

100% Polyester
High quality and soft fur fabric.
50″ jumbo bear and cute foot paw print
Best and most cuddly bear you’ll ever meet
It’s an amazing gift for kids, families and friends!

Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey)

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Check best Teddy Bears From Amazon, Teddy bear is a doll made out of fabric in a shape of a bear. They were named after the President of the United States of America Theodore Roosevelt.

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Why is it called a teddy bear?

In 1902, President Roosevelt participated in a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi. While hunting, Roosevelt declared the behavior of the other hunters “unsportsmanlike” after he refused to kill a bear they had captured. … With permission from Roosevelt, Michtom named the bears “Teddy bears.” They were an instant success. –Source

Why were teddy bears made?

He called it ‘Teddy’s Bear’. After receiving Roosevelt’s permission to use his name, Michtom mass produced the toy bears which were so popular that he soon founded the Ideal Toy Company. To this day the Teddy Bear has worldwide popularity and its origin can be traced back to Theodore’s fateful hunting trip in 1902. –Source

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Giant Teddy Bear 2019 Goffa Plush Teddy Bear, 50″ (Grey).