Shop Giant Teddy Brand – 4 Foot Huge Cuddly Stuffed Animal for Girlfriend (Cotton Candy Pink)




Price: $79.99

This giant teddy bear has a color that makes it the best and cutest pink teddy bear. It’s sure to be the best giant teddy bear gift you could ever give. This huge pink teddy bear has huge bear parts. Be sure to have support because this life size teddy bear is big in every which way you can think of! This big pink teddy bear is sure to get you the biggest reaction because it makes such a ‘beary’ big impression. In fact, we should call him BIG IMPRESS. Go beyond the same old, same old and order this adorable life size teddy bear. Show your big love for someone and send them this huge teddy bear AmBEARssador. All of our families of bear feature brown eyes that are truly authentic and very life-like. Giant Teddy bears are well-constructed; made with high quality plush fabric. Giant Teddy quality is unmatched! For authenticity, make sure that you are purchasing the “real deal” from Amazon seller ***Giant Teddy***, made in USA, “shipped from and sold/fulfilled by Giant Teddy”.If it doesn’t say ***Giant Teddy*** at checkout, it isn’t a genuine Giant Teddy product!Made with lots of love and cushiony polyester fiberfill that never clumps and is never recycled.
Bear body so big, round, & plump like a real bear, except Lady is much more human-friendly, and most definitely more plush, cuddly and huggable. An original Giant Teddy brand teddy bear.
Warm friendly smile, big brown life-like teddy bear eyes, and the cutest, soft black nose.
Huge stuffed teddy bear is big, soft and comfy like a gigantic body pillow. Makes the perfect cuddle buddy. Such a huggable soft teddy bear!
At 48 inches, measured from head-to-toe, he is exactly the height of a 4 foot person.

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