Purchase Zhangl 1:32 Boys and Children’s Toy Car Six Doors Can Open The Pull Back Car Static Car Model Simula…



Price: $45.55

Product description
Colour:Blue , Green , Red
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Product Type: Toy Car
Type: Static car
Color classification: green, blue, red
Applicable people: boys, girls, children
product information
Material: alloy, plastic, electronic components
Product features: light sound, rear resilience

Product size: 16cm * 6.5cm * 6cm
Applicable age: 4 years old or older

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▶[Body]: hard Yang Yang body contour, wide front and rear wheel eyebrows, front exhaust grille, six-open design, car model with pull back function, open the door to trigger sound and light, classic herringbone.
▶[Perfect Toys]: The surface is painted with paint and placed in a ventilated place for 2 months. It is free of formaldehyde and any other harmful substances. It is very safe and greatly protects children’s safety.
▶ (Functional Toys): Doors and covers can be opened; many parts can be pressed to make the car sound; front and rear are equipped with high-brightness LED lights, just like real super sports cars.
▶[Safety and Pullback]: No battery, just pull back to work, easy to operate, don’t worry that it doesn’t work; speed is not fast enough to prevent children from falling down

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