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coogam metal puzzlecoogam metal puzzle

coogam metal wire puzzlecoogam metal wire puzzle

brain teaserbrain teaser

well madewell made

blue bag

blue bag





Includes 16 different metal wire puzzles and a blue pouch, the metal wire puzzles are portable and can be placed in the pouch. It will be with you anytime you want.

Suitable for everyone,especially those who like to be challenged. For such a simple concept and basic materials, these toys give teens, adults and seniors hours of endless enjoyment.

Assembly and disentanglement puzzles have been around for centuries and they have provided generations of kids and even adults with fun while keeping their minds sharp and creative.

Includes 16 different style metal wire puzzles,made by high quality mental and you can keep the shape from bending and breaking. The IQ toy doesn’t have sharp edges to keep you and your children safe.
Ring Puzzle Specially designed to test your brain,helps with practicing concentration and focus.
Open your mind!Try hard to separate the two pieces to amaze your friends and you will probably enjoy this.
Metal puzzle brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting to creative thinking and improve both your IQ and EQ.
Metal Wire Puzzle set suitable for kids and adults,especially those who like to be challenged, but not for the children under six.Contains small parts, do not put into the mouth.

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