New Star Wars Saga Ultimate Bounty Action Figure Set with 4 Figures (Aurra Sing, Bossk, IG-88 and Boba F…




Price: $34.95

Bounty hunters enjoy a thriving business in the galaxy. Under the restrictive rule of the Empire, citizens are often named “enemies of the state” and rewards are posted for their capture. Many bounty hunters are criminals themselves and act in dangerous and violent ways with the sanction of the Imperial Law.Aurra Sing – Ruthless bounty hunter and assassin; she hates all Jedi and has successfully hunt them
Bossk – Tough, resiliant Trandoshan who went from tracking down runaway slaves to claiming bounties
IG-88 – Hideous assassin droid; one of a set of five identical robots that massacred their construct
Boba Fett – Mysterious bounty hunter with enigmatic origins; considered the best in the business thr

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