New Peppa Pig 97049 Dinosaur Park Play Set




Price: $11.49

With the dinosaur park play set – Peppa Pig and her brother Schrosch. your friends. Peppa and Schorsch panniers can be on the swing or flip down the special dinosaur slide off. The rocking are available in both slide the suitable size for Peppas House. Other Play Sets separately available for a nominal fee. · Contains Schorsch enjoying the sun Peppa characters, swing and slide. · Suitable for the children age 2 + yearsDinosaur Park Play Set for the Peppa Pig’s Extended World
Contains Peppa Pig and Schorsch characters, a swing and dino slide
Available separately: Other Peppa Pig game sets, plush, collectible figures, Deluxe Cat activity sets, vehicles, and more.
For ages 2 +

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