Get Zhangl Cottage Aegean Sea Dollhouse Miniature With Furniture, DIY Wooden DollHouse Kit Plus Dust Pro…



Price: $125.92

Product description

★ Product Features:
1. DIY self-made assembled model toys, the production process is a lot of fun, after completion, a sense of accomplishment;
2. Compared with traditional toys, high-simulation stereo assembly is more challenging and can stimulate your logical thinking and spatial imagination.
3. Parents can work together with children to enhance the interaction between parents and children; classmates, friends, colleagues and couples can assemble a variety of interesting models together and build a bridge of friendship, which has profound meaning;
4. Mentally stressed mental workers can also be used for leisure and relaxation. They are placed in the hall, generous and decent, gift-giving and self-use.

★ Material:Wood, cloth, beads, Plexiglass, size: 36x35x27cm

★ Tip:
1. For people over 10 years old, due to the inclusion of sharp and small objects
2. Keep away from fire and heat, away from babies and young children
3. Rainproof

★ Package includes: 1 3D puzzle

★[Beautiful Gifts] The best choice for people who like crafts and hobbies. As a birthday present, back to school gifts, teen gifts, Valentine’s Day, boys, girls, friends, family are the best choice.
Have fun with your child. Build good communication with your child. It not only exercises your abilities and patience, but also enriches your imagination and creativity.

100% Brand new with high quality,safe and enveironmental friendly.
CUTE MINI HOUSE, almost the same as the house: we spent a lot of time finding materials similar to real houses. All furniture and accessories (plants, flowers, shelves, tables, doors, plants) are included, but DIY needs to be almost as cute and beautiful as real things.
Top gift for adults and children! After the completion, everyone will like this magical house, because of your hand-made time, the heart will have unlimited happiness and sense of accomplishment. Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, beautiful, fun, top gifts for your friends, children and lovers.
Stunning artwork and crafts! It likes to do art and crafts, which is a long-term handicraft advancement.
SAFETY GUARANTEE:Important Note: The kits have been inspected 100% carefully before delivery, so as to ensure that the accessories are complete and no missing part. if any question,please fell free to connect us, we will solve any problem asap.

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