Get Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Exclusive Figure 2Pack Hunters Rumble Sideswipe Barricade




Price: $19.99 - $88.88

After a days-long game of cat-and-mouse, two powerful, lone warriors are about to come together in explosive, devastating combat. SIDESWIPE and BARRICADE have been stalking each other for a long time, each determined to catch the other unaware. But now, conflict is inevitable, and only the most skillful warrior will walk away. A head-to-head battle is about to go down! These two mighty “metallic” robot warriors are fearsome fighters, and your SIDESWIPE figure even has powerful “weapons” to back them him. With his deployable “blades” and shifting “battle armor”, your SIDESWIPE figure is sure to challenge all of your villainous BARRICADE figure?s defenses. Convert your BARRICADE figure to Saleen S281 Mustang police car vehicle mode so he can try to escape ? but then convert your SIDESWIPE figure to Corvette StingRay concept car vehicle mode to stay on hot on his trail! Every new battle is one more step toward winning the war!Exclusive 2-Pack.
5 Years and Up.

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