Get Toyama Light Rail TLR0603 (Toyama Green Tram) (Model Train) by Kato




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Product introduction To purchase power (green energy generated using the waste) biomass power plant Itoigawa, “Green tram Toyama” train wrapping, the train railway company of three under Toyama line Manyo-local railway Toyama Light Rail Toyama Ekokyanpe drove – as an option, in November and December (2009), 2009, and that is what had been operated for about 1 month. Please let them run the streets as you envision your accent, who played popular vehicles dressed in wrapping our high school students of the Department of Information Design was designed along the northern part of Toyama. TLR0600 form new tram running … running performance seems slow tram is like quiet elevator that moves horizontally. I realized in N gauge model railway it. Please enjoy the low speed running smoothly. Headlight and red taillight of two colors, brightly lit in the same way the body is a small vehicle with headlights … taillight. Interior light as standard … so the interior light lit, or place a doll, I shine at night. Please enjoy the feeling of each part of the body that is characteristic of miniature model railroad detail ? ? ? N gauge accurate. Green tram Toyama, vivid color based the body of the green, eco-friendly wrapping a train. Destination display is “Iwase beach” (goods already released the “Toyama Station North”) represent a clear Easy cab just like the R90 minimum radius of the vehicle. Possible inclusion of a doll motorman. (From : Boys
For age 8 or over
Toyama Light Rail commercialization licensed
Model : 14-801-8
KATO is a Japanese company that plans, manufactures and sells railroad models. It is one of the leading manufacturers to sell railroad model. KATO sticks to its own production and develops many models not only in Japan but also overseas. Various technological developments are being made to make models that are more realistic, and they are highly appreciated from overseas.

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