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4 level switchback racetrack provides colorful, flipping racing action for any car-crazy kid. The oversize wheels are easy to grab on to making the car easy to hold. Younger kids get the fun rolling by picking up and placing the car at the top of the ramp. Once the car is on the move, they can watch it roll, flip, and race to the bottom. This is the kind of racing fun they will enjoy over and over. HAND TO EYE COORDINATION: A cause and effect masterpiece that lets kids roll the cars and watch them go. Mix and match colors, learn hand-eye coordination. With endless rolling and giggles, your little one can play for hours. Watch them roll the car down the shoot and watch it roll down and repeat until they can’t roll it anymore. Mix and match colors. This toy helps hand-eye coordination too. This Multi-color roll a car is ideal for racing practice. EASY TO USE: Easy-to-use for younger kids who love cars. Kids love the unique flipping action of the switchback track. The wide track and big wheels make it simple for kids to be in control of the racing fun. Easily introduce the concept of gravity with this set. A challenge for your little one he has to release one of the colored cars to make them go down the colored ramps yellow, green, orange, or blue. The toy includes four ramps and a racer car. Easy to assemble the tower. The toy encourages concentration, eye-hand coordination, color learning, as well as fine motor stimulation. Features: Multi-Color. Safe Material. Harmless Design 100% Smell Free Perfect Size for Toddlers 4-Levels of switchback track Made with Durable Thick Plastic Specification: Gender: Unisex Color: Multicolored Age Limit: 24+ Months Assembly Required The Set Includes: 1 Four Level Race Track 1 Racecar

✓ SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Equipped with three car ramps and four cars to experience hands-on fun, all the parts of this flip and racer tower are specially designed for little hands and suitable for an easy play. The educational toys for 24+ months old and up can help promote little one’s hand-eye coordination, improve dexterity. Choose a car, release cars at the top of the ramp and let the race begin.
✓ SAFE FOR CHILDS: Made of high quality and non-toxic materials. These toys are well-build and round edges are safe for your child. And the car ramp toys and cars are large enough that there is no need for moms to worry about the safety of babies. And the car ramp and racing tower have fully tested to match and exceed the safety standards, making a good choice for your child.
✓ DURABILITY: Safe and high quality. Made of child-safe materials that deliver exceptional quality and value. This car ramp tower has such a smooth surface and can withstand years of playing from your hyperactive toddlers. Everything fits inside. Put it all away at the end of the day. While other car ramp toys for toddlers easily break or tip over, we have used durable plastic and a sturdy base to withstand all that enthusiastic play.
✓ GREAT GIFT IDEA: Surprise your precious child or grandchild with a car ramp toy and roll toy they’ll relish. This car ramp toy makes a perfect birthday gift for your child and their friends. They’ll unwrap it at the party and play together. This engaging toddler toy makes an exceptional gift for kids plus 2 years for a birthday, Christmas, and Easter gifts.
✓ STIMULATING: Keep kids busy with this particular car ramp action toy it is very helpful to grow up your infant’s mind. Understanding how the parts of this toddler toy link together and figuring out how things work is of vital importance that helps your little ones to discover cause and effect. During their playtime, they will learn that when they release the car down the slope, the cars will roll down the track.

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