Get JOON Big Teddy Bear, Tuxedo Edition, White


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Price: $49.99 - $36.99

The newest Big Teddy Bear now comes in a sharp tuxedo! This big and fluffy teddy bear is so soft you’ll want to hug, cuddle and take him everywhere you go! This bear is made with ultra-plush premium quality materials. The Teddy bear features plastic eyes, a cute tail on his rear and a beautifully adorned ribbon and bow-tie. The fur is white, the paws and nose are very dark brown, and the bow-tie is black. Take you fluffy best friend wherever you want to go in style! The Bear is 20 inches sitting down and about 28 inches from toes to ears. Care Instructions: When he needs a bath, surface wash him with a damp cloth. Color: White. Materials: 100% Polyester. Color: White.❤️ TUXEDO EDITION: Want the coolest sharpest teddy bear, get the exclusive Tuxedo Edition Teddy Bear!
❤️ SUPER SOFT: All JOON products are made with super soft plush premium materials for huggable loveable best friend!
❤️ AMAZING VALUE: at Over 2 Feet Tall
❤️ FEATURES: Beautiful plastic eyes, nicely appointed bow-tie and ribbon, paw prints, and a cute little tail

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