Get BIG TOYS DIRECT McLaren P1 Kids 12V Battery Operated Ride On Car with Remote Control, Leather Seat -…




Price: $274.00

“Designed, engineered and built to be the best driver’s car in the world.”

This 12V McLaren P1 Ride On certainly follows in that tradition. Just pushing the start button and listening to the start-up sounds will set any toddler’s imagination racing. For a more realistic feel, we’ve upgraded this version with quick-mount wheels and leather seat. There is a switch for front and rear lights and even a working “vent fan” designed to mimic the air conditioning! This McLaren can be operated in two ways…by child via steering wheel and foot “gas pedal” or by parent using the included 2.4GHz 3 speed remote. Forward/reverse and left/right turn functions can all be done manually or with the parental remote if child is not yet able to drive it. Some assembly is required (30-45 minutes).

Licensed 12V McLaren P1 electric ride on car
Push-Button Start with 3 speeds forward
Reverse just as easy
Can be driven by child with the steering wheel or with remote by an adult
Functional front and rear lights
Lighted instrument panel
Upgraded with leather seat and seat belt for one
Perfect for children 2-4 years of age
Strut-assisted “butterfly doors”
Weight capacity of 66 lb
Media Player with USB / Micro SD Card Interface and MP3
Quick-Mount Wheels for easy assembly

Rechargeable 12V 7Ah Battery
2 x 12V Rear Drive Motor/Gearbox
1 x 12V Remote/Steering Motor/Gearbox
2.4GHz remote
Dimensions: 49″L x 25″W x 20″H
110V Charger
Model # BTD-672ORG

2 x 12V Rear Drive Motors plus Remote Steering Gearbox
Upgraded with Leather Seat and MP3 Player with SD/USB Connectivity
Speed: 3 Forward Speeds (2/3/4 MPH) + Reverse
Remote controlled or operate by foot pedal and steering wheel – Perfect For 2-4 Years Of Age
Functioning Front & Rear Lights, Vent Air Fan for Realistic Feel

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