Buy Soft Square Cloth Ball for Baby, Stuffed Plush Hanging Rattles for Toddlers,Infant Stroller Car Seat…




Price: $17.99

Material: Crystal velvet, filled cotton
Pattern: Elephant, lion, rabbit, crab
Applicable age: 0~3 years
Variety – The colorful wind chimes are visually appealing to the baby through different animals, shapes, numbers, letters and colors.
Wind chime design – The hanging wind chimes will flutter in the wind, which will make the baby feel the crisp sound.
Hanging design – you can fit in any baby’s location, such as a crib, stroller, or toy room. You can storage it easily when you are not using it. You also can remove the hanging ring. Kids can play the ball and trace it on the mat.
Drawstring – The drawstring at the rear allows baby to grab and exercise him, and its resilience prevents the baby from getting hurt.
Precautions – For the health of the baby, it is recommended to clean the plush toy regularly; Use hand wash or machine wash at 30~40 °C for cleaning. please put it away in time to avoid accidental swallowing if the toy is broken or disintegrated.

4* Cloth ballsNon-Toxic material – Crystal Velvet fabric feels delicate and comfortable, no lint, no fading. Soft PP cotton make it have good elasticity and easy grip. Electric embroidery process and uniform routing make the toy ball feel good and not easy to tear.
Colorful pattern – The square soft ball has six sides with different patterns on it. The baby can recognize animals (lions, rabbits, crabs, elephants), numbers (from 0 to 9), letters (from A to Z), graphics, colors. Every side is knowledge. Among them, the animal is a convex three-dimensional shape, making it vivid and interesting, so that the baby wants to grab.
Multi-functional – This bell can be hung in the stroller, crib and car back seat. And you also can remove the detachable hook, let kids play on the mat and exercise their muscle activity.
Built-in bell – Rattle will make a crisp sound when you shake or hit it. It’s easy to attract your baby’s attention and train their hearing. The bell sound is less than 65 decibels, avoiding the discomfort of the baby’s eardrum.
BABY GIFT – This will be the best gift for your baby birthday or other memory days. It is suited for baby toys (0-3 years). Please contact us if there is any problem about product. We will deal with it for you.

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