Buy Angry Birds Build N’ Launch Playset: Pig City


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Price: $19.79

Launch into battle—Angry Birds style—and conquer Pig City with Red. Have fun creating strange and wacky structures that are as much fun to knock down as they are to display. Check out all the game combinations available in this awesome playset—from knocking down the boulder with Red to hitting the targets for extra points. Plus, each playset includes a unique Game Card Scan for an exclusive in-app game! Includes: Red Figure, 3 Piglets Figures, Slingshot Launcher, House, 3 TNT Boxes, 2 Pipes, 2 Pipe Arms, Umbrella Swing, 5 Small Plug Pipes, Boulder, 2 Tripods, and Broken Plank (2 pieces)

Build a house with all the included accessories for Red and the piglets to play in.
Launch Red from the slingshot and watch him hit the balloon then knock off the boulder.
Hang the umbrella on the pipes to create an umbrella swing for the piglets.
Knock down the pipe targets for bonus points.
Download the Angry Birds app to unlock an exclusive game inside.

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