Buy 1983 Jabba Hutt Kenner Star Wars ROTJ Vintage Figure, Moves Head & Arms, Tail Turns, New Old Stock




Price: $44.97

Original 1983 Kenner Jabba the Hutt Star Wars figure, available individually. Was originally offered only as part of thrown set, but we found a hidden stash of “New Old Stock” of these figures. 11″ x 5″, hard plastic shell. Eyes are clear with see through plastic and eyeballs painted behind. ONLY Jabba figure made by Kenner with 3 fingers on right hand, 4 on left. Action feature is the tail; when moved back and forth the head also moves right or left. Arms move for posing as well. Fun addition to your ROTJ collection!1983 Kenner Star Wars “Jabba The Hutt” Action Figure, Orig Offered only in Boxed Throne Set
New Old Stock, 11″ x 5″
Action Features: Move Tail back and forth & head turns left or right.
Both arms can also be moved up & down for posing options.
Hard Plastic body, eyes are clear with see-through plastic and eyeballs painted behind.

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