LEGO Juniors Smokey’s Garage 10743 Building Kit

LEGO Juniors Smokey’s Garage 10743 Building Kit. Lego Duplo Disney, Beautiful, Star Wars to Tower Bridge best Lego Sets 2019.

LEGO Juniors Smokey's Garage 10743 Building Kit

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LEGO Juniors Smokey’s Garage 10743 Building Kit. Lego Duplo Disney


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LEGO Juniors Smokey’s Garage 10743 Building Kit

Give Lightning McQueen a service in Smokey’s Garage after a hard day training on the racetrack. Drive the car up the ramp, change the tires, pick the tool accessories from the cabinet and role-play endless Disney Pixar Cars 3 scenes with this fun LEGO Juniors set. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. LEGO Juniors kids toys offer an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7. Includes Lightning McQueen, Junior Moon and Smokey LEGO Juniors characters.Features an Easy to Build garage set with a car ramp and yellow raised ramp, movable crane, wheeled tool kit cabinet, assorted tools, 3 spare tires and Smokey’s Garage sign
Includes Lightning McQueen with his Rust-eze 95 decoration, Smokey and Junior Moon characters from Disney Pixar Cars
Includes Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly
All cars measure over 2in (7cm) long, 1in (3cm) wide and 1in (3cm) high
Garage measures over 2in (7cm) high, 6in (16cm) wide and 2in (7cm) deep, crane measures over 3 (9cm) high, 1 (3cm) wide and 2 (6cm) deep

LEGO Juniors Smokey’s Garage 10743 Building Kit

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