Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick

Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick. Lego Duplo Disney, Best Sellers, Buy Lego Games & Toys for Kids 2019.

Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick

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Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick. Lego Duplo Disney


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Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick

Daddy Stays Home Sick/b>

What happens when Daddy stays home sick from work but all Sara wants to do is play with Daddy? Sara has to quickly understand that although she doesn’t like Daddy going to work she also doesn’t like him being ill either. With the help of her Mommy, she comes up with a plan to make him better.br>
Story and Story Blocks Set

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~STORY – discover the story of Sara and her Daddy when he stays home from work sick. Build along to the story and discover the moral and learnings that Sara experiences along the way

~EDUCATIONAL FUN – suitable for toddlers and children ages 18 months and up – perfect for the time when they are learning about family relationships and being helpful and understanding – all this while building their very own story block set

~38 PIECES – with over 30 fun and interesting story block pieces, this building set will keep your child occupied for hours. Read the story to your child while helping them build the set as designed or use the pieces together with different sets. These blocks are compatible with most other interlocking building blocks

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Ele Toys Daddy Stays Home Sick

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