Buy 2019 Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls, Kids & Toddlers Portable Non-Toxic

Currently In Stocks 2019 Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls, Kids & Toddlers Portable Non-Toxic, Barbie Made To Move Doll. Buy Barbie Doll Head, Baby Dolls & Newborn Baby Dolls.

Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls, Kids & Toddlers Portable Non-Toxic

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Buy Barbie Doll Princess Video, Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls, Kids & Toddlers Portable Non-Toxic.


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Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls, Kids & Toddlers Portable Non-Toxic

This isn’t your ordinary play beauty kit for girls. Filled with REAL cosmetics & non-toxic nail polishes for kids + tools & accessories,
this jumbo beauty kit gift set provides hours & hours of pampering fun! Pinkleaf is where you’ll find the very BEST gift sets for kids.

CABOODLE SET INCLUDES: 8 pot eyeshadow palette, 8 pot lip gloss palette, glitter tube, pink & purple nail polish,
2 glitter pots, 1 lipstick, 1 small zebra nail file, 1 heart shaped toe separator, 3 double-sided makeup applicator wands

❤ EYESHADOWS – Features green, purple, silver, yellow, fuschia, pink, red, brown shimmer eyeshadow powders
❤ LIP PRODUCTS – 8 matching shades of lip gloss + a tube of pretty pink lipstick for kids (super easy to wash off)
❤ NAIL SUPPLIES – She can use the kid-safe nail polishes, glitter dust, file & separator for manicures & pedicures
❤ APPLICATORS – Each makeup caboodle organizer also comes with 3 double-sided cosmetic applicator wands

✔ PORTABLE: The caboodle kits are outfitted with handles & locks, making them easy to carry to sleepovers, parties, play dates
✔ DURABLE: Made out of extra strong plastic, the caboodle storage case is meant to withstand regular usage by young children
✔ COLORFUL: We’ve added a fun kid-friendly design to the exterior of the caboodle for girls. It’s girly, fabulous & fashionable.

Little Girl Beauty Set Makes a Stellar Gift for Toddlers 3+ ♡ Give on Christmas, a Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Etc.
No matter the occasion, the Pinkleaf kid’s caboodle with makeup will bring a smile to your sweet girl’s face. Give the 27pc
caboodle makeup case as a Christmas gift & birthday gift or as a party favor for spa parties, makeup parties & so much more.

Your darling diva will be over the moon when she opens her on the go girl caboodle. Click ‘ADD TO CART‘ to place an order now!LARGE 27PC KID’S BEAUTY KIT: Containing 27 different items she can use to pamper herself & her friends, these beauty kits for little girls are understandably hot ticket gifts for toddlers who enjoy experimenting.
PACKAGED IN PORTABLE CASE: The hard case caboodle that everything is packed in is extra durable + it can be closed using the metal snap locks. It helps keep things organized & makes it easy to carry to sleepovers.
PERFECT FOR MAKEUP PARTIES: Throwing a spa party, salon party or makeup party for your pretty princess? This all-in-one beauty kit for kids is just what is needed! (Recommended for toddlers & kids ages 3 & up.)
NAIL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Besides an assortment of non-toxic, wash-off makeup, the girl beauty kit also comes with kid-safe nail polish, a mini nail file, glitter pots & a toe separator for DIY manicures & pedicures.
BEST GIRL BEAUTY SALON SET: Offering a big selection of kid cosmetics & nail art supplies, this kit & caboodle cosmetics case is one of the bestselling gifts for girls. Girl gifts don’t get much better than this, makeup glamour kit, kids makeup kit for girl

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